Thursday, January 7, 2010

If I washed all my clothes in cold water?

I was wondering... is it possible to wash ALL of the clothes together in cold water without the color from the darker clothes going onto the lighter colored clothes?If I washed all my clothes in cold water?
Anything is possible, however, it really isn't advisable.

Remnants of dye loosen up with each washing. Black, navy, brown dyes will get into the water and discolor the lights. Maybe it won't be noticeable at first, but over time the pale yellow dish towel will look dingy, the white undershirt will look gray and the pink tee shirt just won't have the same luster.

Last, bedding and underwear ought to be washed in hot water for sanitary reasons.If I washed all my clothes in cold water?
Yes, you can wash all of your clothes in cold water, but no you can't wash all of your clothes together. No matter what the water temperature is, you'll get 'tattle-tale gray' whites and light colors. You have to sort those suckers if you want clean looking clothes, besides having clean clothes.
That's what I do. the only time you don't want to do it is when you have a new colored item. In that case, you should wash only with like colors or by itself. I also use 1/2 cup baking soda in my wash with the detergeant, to make sure everything gets scrubbed really well and my whites come out clean.
It's better to sort them, dark cloth not only bleed their color but , tend to have germ on them from outside, where ever you've been and what ever you've been doing. and cold water may not kill them.
Yes, it's possible. But I wouldn't take the chance unless the darker clothes were older and faded.
I would suggest you still wash the dark麓s with the dark麓s. Not all dye麓s are the same, best to save than sorry , But washing you clothes in cold water , make麓s them softer ,and they last longer, Lot麓s of hot sunshine for those white clothes, the sun bleaches them white, and remember to turn your colored clothes inside out whilst hanging them outside. This stop麓s the color from fading , with the heat of the sun
You save on hot water. Sort your clothes though.
If I have new dark clothing the first couple of washes I do them by themselves but after that I wash everything together in cold water and have been for years. Use a detergent that is meant for cold water wash or for all temperatures.

This not only saves money (hot water heater money/energy) but is also less harsh on your clothing. I also do not dry at a high heat but at medium.
Once they've been washed before, it should be okay. Wash any dark or vivid colors a few times before adding them to the collective wash.
My 87 year old father in law does it. Then again everything he owns in grey including this undershirts. I wouldn't do it, but hey what do I know.

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